A selection of published interviews that I conducted with other writers and artists.

Shin Yu Pai: “I think that part of what I try to do in my poetry is to let different ideas and intentions coexist together so that people can see that complexity. It’s about trying to understand the difference between intention and impact. And it’s about taking a step back–as you did–to reflect on what your own intentions and actions have produced on the world and whether or not they have caused harm.” (The Critical Flame, September 2021)

Lawrence Lacambra Ypil: “Writing is really about freedom: freedom in the context of colonization and imperialism, which means learning how to write under those conditions. We write from freedom. We write for it, but from it, also.” (Poetry Northwest, March 2021)

Beatrix Gates: “This need to connect, it’s really very much a survival thing in terms of dealing with the world. And there are a lot of ways to handle that, being a writer, but it’s part of the survival of your soul, your utterance and not some side trip.” (Poetry Northwest, June 2020)

Jeffrey Yang: “I love writing about things that I know little or nothing about so that I can learn about them; and in turn often unexpected connections open up through writing about them. It’s like trying to bridge disciplines that aren’t necessarily seen as creative professions, linking them through how we live and think.” (Poetry Northwest, November 2018)

Julia Newmann: “I’ve definitely gained a lot of confidence talking to other female composers who are working and kicking butt and are also mothers. I’ve talked to several women at different ages, and they all say the same thing: having children will make you more efficient. They even say that their careers flourished after having children. There’s maybe more of a drive, because you know that you’re not just doing it for yourself anymore.” (The Mary Sue, February 2016)

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