Jaimie hosted a lovely workshop for our group. The space we met in was thoughtfully organized and the culture she cultivated was kind and collaborative. Jaimie does such a great job of guiding discussions and giving supportive and useful feedback. She’s also an endless repository of book recommendations and had so many meaningful book passages to share that exactly fit our individual projects. I loved the structure of the workshop—readings, discussion, time to stretch and take walks, writing time, and a whole day devoted to workshopping. The tarot card readings we did were also so generative and fun. Jaimie is also just a really great human to be around! I think we all felt incredibly lucky to have her as a guide. 

Casey B.

If you are looking for the perfect prompt in a serene setting, Jaimie’s Cedar River Writers Workshop is the place. I felt inspired and energized. Robin K

Jaimie is one of the most talented teachers/instructors I’ve worked with. I participated in her Family Stories class and her Cedar River Writers Workshop in 2023. Not only did she provide carefully curated syllabi and reference materials, she also nurtured a supportive and joyful atmosphere while guiding us through challenging topics. Her curriculum and teaching style are suitable for all experience levels. The techniques we studied (e.g., writing into the absence, rhyming action, etc.) build on, but certainly don’t require, a formal writing education. 

What I most appreciated about Jaimie’s instruction (and I think is her x-factor) is her perceptiveness of individual students’ needs and her ability to foster community within her class. This encouraged authenticity and playfulness in our sessions and, as for me, helped me find my voice in class and on paper. I would highly recommend her courses to anyone looking to grow their skills or simply reconnect with their love of writing.

Jocelyn H

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