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Jaimie Z. Li

Writer. MFA Candidate. Workshop Instructor.

Los Angeles, CA 2019. Credit: Tatiana Samarkina Irving.

JAIMIE Z. LI is an Angeleno who studied and worked in the legal sector in England for seven years, where she received her BA in Law at Oxford University (2007-2011) before returning to the US to work in entertainment law in 2015. She moved to Marfa, TX in 2016 to work in arts development and, shortly thereafter, met her husband, Chris, in neighboring Van Horn, TX where he worked as an aerospace engineer. They moved to Maple Valley, WA from the greater El Paso area in August 2018.

Jaimie commenced her Masters in Fine Arts at Goddard College in February 2019, and, in June 2019, she received the Goddard/PEN North American Centers Scholarship for her work in fiction and memoir. She served as the Editor-in-Chief of the Spring 2020 issue of Goddard’s literary journal The Pitkin Review, she conducts interviews for Poetry Northwest, and her written work has appeared in The Critical Flame, Darling Magazine, and The Mary Sue. Her favorite place to write is at home on the Cedar River which she shares with Chris and their one-eyed rescue cat, Raider.


Works in Progress

Jaimie completed her first fiction manuscript, Starfish, with UCLA Extension in 2017, for which she was nominated for the Allegra Johnson prize. In the words of Elena Georgiou, Director of Goddard College’s MFA in Creative Writing Program, Jaimie’s work is “brave and vivid. Her style is spare and elegant, and she approaches her themes of identity, ethnicity, and trauma with rare intelligence and uncommon insight.” She is currently working on her creative non-fiction thesis, Heretofore, for her MFA at Goddard College where she was awarded the Goddard/PEN North American Centers Scholarship in June 2019.

Arcosanti, AZ 2016.

Jaimie Z. Li

Writer. MFA Candidate. Creative Writing Workshop Instructor.

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